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Outdoor Lighting can create a warm inviting glow in the evenings and give your garden a more balanced and relaxed feel. Outdoor Lighting fixtures can be used to highlight plants and foliage, enhancing the colours of the seasons. You can use outdoor lighting to highlight good areas of the garden and hide problem areas.

In Asian culture, Outdoor Lighting represents the fire element and give out positive yang energy, which can be used to create auspicious gardening effect. Soft and subtle Outdoor Lighting placed beneath foliage or behind rocks can add to the ambience of your garden and enhance positive energy.
60W Incandesent Bollard Head
- Suitable for EX2002 bollard posts
- Die cast aluminium construction with powder coated finish
- Frosted glass lens
- Ceramic lampholder

70W Metal Halide Drive-Over Inground Light
- Symmetrical polished aluminium reflector
- 10mm thick heat tempered safety glass
- Silicone rubber gasket

Low Voltage Copper Garden Light
- 12V/20W halogen inground spotlight
- High quality copper construction with option of a black powder coated finish

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There are different lights for all areas of the garden. Spotlights used for features, trees and ponds, bollard lights for general lighting, up-lights for paths and driveways and even post type street lights.  There are different styles of fittings and also different fittings for different budgets.

When used in conjunction with a movement sensor and or a light sensor garden lighting can also enhance security to your premises. Energy efficient lamps can be installed into most outdoor light fittings so extended use of lights in the garden needn’t cost the earth either. In fact by using compact fluorescent lights in the garden you can create mood lighting by using different colour temperature light bulbs. New style LED outdoor light fittings are also available for some applications.

When you install your outdoor lighting (except for perhaps low voltage 12 volt lighting installations) you must use the services of a qualified electrician. Even though we are in a drought, it will rain one day and the combination of electricity and water can be a deadly mix.
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